What To Expect

#1 This is CHRISTIAN counseling.  Expect JESUS to lead us toward your freedom.

#2 To be treated with respect and privacy

#3 Our first meeting together will last at least 1 hour (unless you have your paperwork done) and will include:
 A. Paperwork (yuck, but necessary for you and me)  This can be done by downloading and printing that paperwork here.
        B. A full 50 minute session each visit.
        C. During the first session we will spend a short time getting to know one another, and review your intake paperwork.

Fees for counseling are…   Flat $50 per 50 minute session.  Over 60 minutes will be billed at the same rate of $50 per 50 minute session.

Payment is expected immediately following sessions.

#4 During the 2nd session, you talk, I’ll ask questions and listen, to help identify the causes for why you came.

#5 Together, we will develop a plan.  Additional sessions will monitor and adjust that plan.